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‘The Snowman’ by Jo Nesbo ~ A Review…

(a.k.a. Post a Week 9 ~ 21-27/02/2011)

“The Snowman” is no.7 in the series of Harry Hole novels, published by Jo Nesbo (but, weirdly enough, only no.5 of those currently translated to English).

It’s a skilfully written thriller, with a tight plot and a page-turning narrative (especially useful, given its 576 pages).

The characters are all interesting, dark and complex (even the minor ones), giving the story an elaborate backbone and lots of “heart”.

Despite the fact that the real killer is not really that hard to guess, after all, the story still manages to maintain its hold over the reader’s attention by providing a series of twists & turns, coupled by hefty doses of chilling images and pure horror.

All in all, I can honestly say that I largely enjoyed my “time in the snow” and would be more than happy to delve into the rest of Harry’s story.

Main debate now focuses on whether I should wait & go back to the beginning with “The Bat Man” (coming out next year) or just keep moving forward with “The Leopard”…

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