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What’s one piece of technology you cannot live without?

(a.k.a. Post a Week 5 ~ 24-30/01/2011)

Let me start by saying: I’m a big gadget freak. HUGE! Which basically means there is an ever- growing list of pieces of technology that put a smile on my face and make my life a lot easier &/or cooler.

If I really had to narrow it down, though, the one thing that I could absolutely not live without would be my laptop (+ an ADSL connection). The reason is very simple, really: I do, practically, everything on it on a daily basis. From my day job, to my personal finances, my social networking and entertainment, my environmental sensibilities, my shopping sprees, my actual relationship – my computer screen is where it’s all happening.

And yes, I fully realize the above may sound a bit weird so let me clarify.

I do have a real life, out in the non-pixel.ated world. I can do my job (albeit much slower) without using a computer. I sometimes go to bank (and physically queue for hours on end) to pay a bill or make a money transfer. I will go out and have drinks with friends (at least those few that are not spread all over the globe). I enjoy nothing more than a night out at the cinema or at a gig (when I can actually afford it) and love shopping with girlfriends (just wish more brands were available where I actually live). I’m all for travelling the globe and demonstrating with Greenpeace or PETA (if only my schedule & finances allowed). Hell, about once a month I even go crazy and get together with my man (my country or yours, dear?).

What I’m trying to say is, my computer makes my life easier and much less complicated. It’s one little piece of technology that opens a door to so much more. Office, e-Banking, MSN, E-mail, YouTube, WebTv, Bandcamp, Grooveshark, Skype, endless online shopping…. I LOVE them all J

‘Nough said…?finals.png

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