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Books! Gorgeous books…

I think I’ve developed a serious addiction to…books!

I’d never really thought about it and had refused to pay any attention to the uncontrollable urge that came over me, every time I passed Waterstones or approached an FNAC these last 6 years. I didn’t even worry about the fact that I’d go on city trips (to Paris, Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh) and come back dragging a stone-heavy luggage, half-filled with books (not city guides mind you) -instead of perfume, clothes, accessories or the usual souvenirs & local specialties you’d expect a normal person to buy. And through it all, the books kept accumulating and my collection of shelves and storage units grew proportionately.

Moving back from Brussels I knew I’d had a good 6 boxes of books sent ahead, not to mention another couple dozen titles, still unread, back home. That, somehow, didn’t stop me from heading straight to the airport Press Point and making yet another little purchase 🙄 .

Shortly after settling back home, I realized the city had a brand new, huge, international bookstore and simply could not stop myself. On my first visit I bought 3 paperbacks & a heavy-set, coffee table bio of Audrey Hepburn. Then I ordered “Eldest” by Paolini & “The Long Way Round” by Ewan McGregor. Upon exiting the premises, on my last visit, I was holding a bag containing “Twilight” & “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting & Fishing”, as well as a 20 euro coupon (having to somehow finance my addiction I’ve registered for the bookstore’s Privilege Card -the equivalent of an airline mile card for nerds 😳 ). Which, as you might imagine, led me straight back the next day for another little hunt through the aisles (resulting in the purchase of Boyd & Coelho titles)…

In between visits I took a short trip to Brussels, to visit friends & take care of a few things, only to end up “looting” my fav second-hand bookstore and come back with another 3 titles, including Guevara’s “Bolivian Diary” & Rubenfeld’s “The Interpretation of Murder”.

Now, I know you’re thinking it can’t get any worse but I’m afraid it can -and has. My home-town also has a second hand bookstore of its own (not even close to the above mentioned one, but still…) which I’ve visited on a number of occasions. Books are so cheap there you always end up buying at least a couple. Finally, to top it all off, I’m currently a member of BookCrossing and can collect books freely at any Book Crossing zone…Thank God, I can also leave some for others to pick up or I’d soon have to give my place up for my books to take over 😯 .

So, here I am taking a pledge of purchasing “abstinence”:
“I solemnly promise and swear to NOT buy another book until I’ve read the ones currently crowding my overloaded bookshelf”

I might just order some, though…


  1. I love “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting & Fishing”! I am also stuck in a reading period. I picked up a few good ones as I went home and I am really enjoying the bad weather as I can just stay home reading. Take care!

  2. I, too, am a book addict – and have read “The Girls’ Guide” twice. You may want to catalog your books on It’s a good way to track your purchases and reading (and possibly exercise some control – although it doesn’t work for me; I want more, more, more after I read other people’s lists)

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