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Stradivarius Haul

Having allocated most of my budget on beauty items lately, I recently found myself itching for a little bit of a fashion fix. Some days ago, on an impromptu visit to Stradivarius, I found a way to rectify just that. Here’s what my (dresses & accessories) haul consisted of: Stripe Print Structured Dress, 29.95€ A great little dress that can be easily worn at any point of the day. I’ve donned it both for coffee with friends and a night out – with equal success, compliment wise. Leopard Print Tube Dress, 25.95€ (now on sale for 12.99€ ) Tube dresses are not what I’d typically buy but I thought, this time, I’d go out on a limb. Haven’t really worn this yet but looking forward too. Leopard Print Dress with Zip Detail, 25.95€  (now on sale for 12.99€ ) This is gorgeous and light and easy-going and… I can’t wait to put it on and go out dancing this coming Saturday! Plain Handbag, 12.95€ One of the best, little bags I’ve ever got at a …

Style File: Statement Necklaces

Up until a few years ago, I wasn’t really big into necklaces. Thankfully that slowly changed during this last few years, giving me reason to rejoice this season – as well as opportunity to get super excited about all the amazing statement pieces out there… Here’s my current budget selection, for indulging on those impromptu trips to the high street: 1. Chain & Stonework Necklace – Stradivarius (15.95€) 2. Limited Gold and Pink Stone Collar Necklace – New Look (17.99€) 3. Gold Woven Rainbow Ribbon Chain Necklace – New Look (11.99€) 4. Gold Sleek Link Chain Necklace – New Look (9.99€) 5. Statement Necklace & Earings Set – NoFashionWay (31€) 6. Sophia Chain Wrapped Necklace – Accessorize (24.90€) And some slightly more pricey pieces, in case any of you are in the mood for splurging (just a little): 1. Tempest Necklace – Stella & Dot (198€) 2. Alexandria Statement Necklace in Smoky – Kendra Scott ($150.00, app. 111€) 3. Radiant statement necklace – J.Crew (132.34€)