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Ones’ to Watch: Delphine- Charlotte Parmentier

I’ve got a new, favorite (dream – unless I win the lottery) jeweller: the talented Parisian Delphine- Charlotte Parmentier. Having started designing in her grandparents’ atelier, she recently (2013) celebrated her 2oth year anniversary in collab with Swarovski crystals (which she has used in her designs, since the beginning). A look at her website will leave you breathless (both because of the designs and some of the price tags), but is well worth it. You are bound to find favorite pieces (both classic and edgier) in most, if not all, of her 38 current collections – which, I guarantee you are gonna be dreaming of and lusting after for days to come. To give you an idea, here’s a few of the (multitude of) things I loved: [Jewellery Images © Delphine- Charlotte Parmentier]