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Pick Your Five: ZARA Special Price

Now, I need to start by saying I “blame” this purely on Mostly Me + Certain Others (#instigator). This popped up on my WordPress Reader, earlier this morning – and led to my discovering an entire “special price” section on the ZARA website (which I… 1. curiously knew nothing about, 2. promptly browsed through and 3. am now itching to buy half of …). You might wanna drop by and have a look, especially if you’re into the mood for some guilt- free, treat- yourself, pre- holiday shopping or in need of grabbing some budget gifts for family and friends (nothing I saw was priced over 30€). Meanwhile, to get you in the right frame of mind, here’s five items that took my fancy: [Images: ZARA]

New Season @ River Island

River Island is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite online stores. I just love their casual chic dresses and gorgeous bags, shoes & accessories. So… when I saw their ‘New Season Collection’ e-mail in my account this morning, I just couldn’t resist sneaking a peek. Here’s some of my favorite pieces… Top Left: Coral Turned Sleeved Jacket (80€) Bottom Right: Black Snake Print Traditional Trench Coat (147€) Bottom Left Quadrant: Beige Panelled Tote Bag (55€) Black Graphic Print Open Neck Shirt Dress (60€) Red Short Sleeve Swing Dress (47€) Gold Tone Chunky Clean Short Necklace (17€) Top Right Quadrant: Black Leather Look Peplum Jacket (75€) Pink and Snakeskin Color Block Purse (22€) Pink Chain Front Barely There Sandals (60€) Black Crepe Floral Print Cropped Jacket (80€) What do you think? Do you share any of my favorites? Keep in mind this is just a selection of all the lovely new pieces available, so I recommend you go check out the website for more.