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Headphones at the Ready: Halsey ~ Badlands


I have just realized how long it has been since I last did a ‘Headphones at the Ready’ post, so today I thought I’d introduce you to a great new artist I discovered a couple of weeks ago: Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (aka. Halsey), a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from New Jersey.

I was online, replying to comments and checking out new followers’ blogs, when I bumped into a post featuring the video for ‘Ghost’ – a ‘Room 93‘ EP song and one of the first singles to come out of ‘Badlands‘, Halsey’s first proper album (I’d love to link back to said blog post but can’t, since I failed to make a note of the URL at the time). Long story short, I clicked on the video, was immediately drawn in and opened up YouTube to check her out some more.

Turns out ‘Badlands’ is pretty amazing. Officially classified as electro-pop, her music is ethereal and gritty, all at the same time. She kind of reminds me of Glasgow- based Chvrches (another amazing band, by the way) or Lorde – with a bit of Lana Del Rey added to the mix. I know I’m probably not doing a great job of describing it – but if you have a listen, you’ll know what I mean…

Music aside, I also find Halsey’s candid and bohemian attitude appealing – and her perseverance inspiring. Check this interview out, if you fancy knowing more. And while you’re reading, you might wanna listen to this (hope it ignites the same little fire in your head, as it did in mine):

Definitely one of my top 10 music finds for 2015 – and highly recommended!

[Images & video © HALSEY]


  1. Hi girl! Welcome to LC! Ain’t she amazing? Even her Bieber duet was great 😜 Can’t wait to see what she does next…

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